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Package and Pricing Options


  • Rent-a-site means that we own the site and that you will simply rent it from us.
  • Rental is month to month
  • No contract
$ Not currently available


  • Pay-it-off is the same as Rent-a-site, except that after 24 months, you fully own it!
  • Pay it off
  • Over 24 months
  • Interest Free
$ Not currently available


  • Own-a-site means that the site is 100% yours to do whatever you want with.
  • Full access to the code
  • Host with any company
  • $4,800 Regular Price
  • -$1,800 Cash Discount
$3,000 once off

Social Responsibility

We believe in the importance of caring for our planet and fellow life forms, and working with and encouraging others to do the same.

Feed the Children

For every monthly customer, we donate a meal to a starving child. (e.g. 500 monthly customers will feed 6,000 children per year!)

Save the Rainforest

For every monthly customer, we save 1,000 square feet of rain forest per year. (e.g. 500 monthly customers will save well over HALF A MILLION square feet of rain forest per year!)